A Thriving Community and Downtown

Imagine a pedestrian-friendly San Anselmo Avenue where restaurants offer outdoor dining on extended parklets, musicians play on the grass outside Town Hall, families share picnics in Creekside Park with plenty of space for their children to play, and people walk their dogs downtown to shop from our merchants. 

This is the vision I have been working tirelessly towards since I first became involved in town politics, and I need your help to continue to make that vision a reality over the next four years. My goal is to keep San Anselmo vibrant, family-friendly & safe, including a strong COVID recovery.

  • Pedestrian-friendly San Anselmo Avenue
  • Restaurants with outdoor dining, including parklets
  • Ample park space downtown for the community to enjoy:
    • Families, children, elders, artists, musicians, folks with leashed dogs, all welcome
    • Community events


The Future

My plan over the next four years is to:

  • Complete the new downtown Creek Park project I’ve led and make it a true centerpiece of our town for generations to come
  • Continue to advocate for pedestrian and bike-safety in our downtown (Read more from S.A. Town Council Candidates responses to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition: https://www.marinbike.org/news/road/san-anselmo-candidates/)
  • Collaborate with our civic organizations to host more events and community celebrations
  • Highlight our amazing restaurants, support them with new policies, advocate for them at the town and county planning level, and help them nurture our community bring people to our town for a culinary experience
  • Work tirelessly to keep our town family-friendly and safe
  • Continue to work toward and advocate for policies that support public health, public safety, fire-prevention and disaster-preparedness
  • Continue to work on fiscal sustainability and budget transparency


More on Fire Preparedness and Prevention

I fully support the Fire Safe Marin efforts and I understand the need to have our community embrace a fire-prevention mindset while being fully prepared for a fire event closer to home. I have already requested a Town Council discussion – happening in October 2020 – to better understand the capacity of the Ross Valley Fire Department, and how we can best support a rapid fire response.