Opinion: San Anselmo Council incumbents deserve reelection – Marin IJ (ENDORSEMENT) Oct. 19, 2020

Brian Colbert Seeks Re-Election for San Anselmo Town Council Post News Group, Sept. 30, 2020

Dick Spotswood: Intriguing issues for San Anselmo Council candidates
Perhaps his best attribute is a talent to work collegially and not ideologically toward a more prosperous future. – Marin IJ, Sept. 12, 2020

Central Marin Police Cracking Down on Anti-Maskers
San Anselmo Vice Mayor Brian Colbert told KPIX that at first, it will be a soft approach. “Which is, ‘Hey, we noticed you’re not wearing a mask, uh, please wear a mask and explain to people why they should be doing it,’” Colbert said. “If they don’t comply, I believe there will be a little bit more continued education and then eventually, there will be a fine.” – KPIX, CBS SF Bay Area, August 18, 2020

San Anselmo Group Places Free Mask In Trees For Those In Need
San Anselmo Vice Mayor Brian Colbert said while it is not a city project, the free masks provide benefits to both local businesses and the health of visitors.

“So anything we can do to take away the friction points, such as somebody is enjoying downtown and realizes, ‘Oh my God, I forgot a mask! I can’t go in and frequent this business.’ Hey, come to the free mask tree,” said Colbert. – KPIX, CBS SF Bay Area, August 10, 2020

Ross Valley flood fee hike suspended amid pandemic
It was “a tangible sign of progress” in the flood project, which for years has been delayed, said San Anselmo Vice Mayor Brian Colbert.

“Taxpayers have been paying this fee for a long time, and saying ‘What am I getting for my money? When are shovels going to hit the ground?’” Colbert said. “Now that it’s happening, I think there’s a sense of relief.” – Marin IJ, July 26, 2020 (UPDATED: July 27, 2020)

Marin Voice: San Anselmo, North Bay businesses facing liquidity crisis By BRIAN COLBERT
… Like many businesses across the country, San Anselmo’s are being hit hard by the economic challenges caused by the pandemic. It all takes a toll — supply shock, followed by demand shock and, now, the liquidity crisis. The shelter-in-place order is in its fifth week. Most of our restaurants, as well as retail and service businesses, have suffered catastrophic revenue losses and have laid off most, if not all, of their workforce. The devastating effects on employees suffering lost income will worsen as time passes without a paycheck.  .. – Marin IJ, April 16, 2020

Dick Spotswood: San Anselmo on right track with reimagined Creek Park
“Morphing a flood control project into a major new town amenity was the brainchild of Colbert. One of Marin’s top-tier council members, he had the long-term strategic vision to realize a flood remediation project could simultaneously be the genesis of a more consumer friendly downtown.” – Marin IJ, June 23, 2020

Mayor Gets Heat For Decision To Skip Pledge Of Allegiance At City Council Meeting
“At the very least, Ford shouldn’t have embarked on this personal odyssey in this way, without engaging the community on it,” Colbert said. – KPIX, CBS SF Bay Area, January 28, 2019

San Anselmo mayor dumps Pledge of Allegiance to protest Trump
Colbert, however, said, “I think Ford handled it about as poorly as it could be handled. He apparently tried to sneak through removing the Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn’t brought up for council discussion, and I’m not aware of any broad conversation which Ford initiated within the community. That’s not the way you handle these sort of things.” – Marin IJ, January 24, 2020 (UPDATED: January 25, 2020). Additional commentary from the Marin IJ:

  • Dick Spotswood: Mayor brings political divide to San Anselmo with pledge decision  – Marin IJ, January 28, 2020: “Due to the leadership of San Anselmo Vice Mayor Brian Colbert, backed by council members Steve Burdo and John Wright, the public and all council members will finally have their chance to comment on Greene’s personal act of protest.”
  • Editorial: In spiking pledge, San Anselmo mayor Ford Greene overstepped his authority – Marin IJ, February 9, 2020: “Councilman Brian Colbert wants to put the pledge on the next council agenda for a public discussion.” “He, at least, wants to include the public.”

Editorial (Marin IJ Editorial Board): San Anselmo’s flood-mitigation project sending the right message
San Anselmo Councilman Brian Colbert, who joined the majority vote, framed the issue well: “This project has gone on for a very long time. The San Anselmo community, I can’t tell you how much they’ve paid for the flood fee (parcel tax) over the years where shovels haven’t hit the ground. And this is a really great opportunity right now to get the building down.” – Marin IJ, May 6, 2020 (UPDATED: June 13, 2020)

San Anselmo moves forward on Creek Park plan
“As a frequent user of downtown open space with my son, I’m incredibly enthusiastic about the vision that Councilmember Colbert put forth,” said Kurt Johnson. “I agree, it’s a fabulous opportunity to seize these funds, which the county is providing at no cost to the town to do something magnificent for the town.” – Marin IJ, February 14, 2019

Marin school route, bike path projects get $6.6M boost
“I don’t think it can be overstated what it’s like to get our young people engaging in self-powered mobility,” board commissioner and San Anselmo Councilman Brian Colbert said about the Safe Routes to School program during the Oct. 24 meeting. “Hopefully that will be lifelong lessons learned that will stick with them.” Marin IJ, November 1, 2019

San Anselmo official envisions Creek Park becoming ‘centerpiece’ of Ross Valley
San Anselmo Town Councilman Brian Colbert calls it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “This park could be a centerpiece for the entire Ross Valley,” Colbert said.

Colbert said he envisions the area being transformed into a community gathering place, much like what Imagination Park has become. “If we’re going to dream, let’s dream big,” Colbert said.

Heidi Mejia, owner of Embellish, a boutique on San Anselmo Avenue, said she supports the plan to redesign Creek Park. “(Imagination Park) is used so much and enjoyed by so many people,” she said. “I rarely see it empty, and now we have the opportunity to do something similar at Creek Park.” – Marin IJ, October 11, 2018