& Ross Valley Firefighters’ Association

San Anselmo Town Council (Current)

  • Steve Burdo – Councilmember
  • John Wright – Councilmember (former Mayor)

San Anselmo Town Council Members and Mayors (Former)

  • Peter Breen (and former Mayor)
  • Kay Coleman (and former Mayor)
  • Doug Kelly
  • Lori Lopin
  • Tom McInerney (and former Mayor)
  • Carla Overberger
  • Barbara Thornton (and former Mayor)

Former San Anselmo Town Manager

  • Debra Stutsman – San Anselmo Town Manager 2002 – 2017

San Anselmo Eateries & Businesses

  • Louis Franz – Owner of Pizzalina – “Brian is a passionate, champion for the well-being of our town in every way, and he’s been a good friend to Pizzalina.”
  • Heidi Krahling – Owner of Insalata’s – “We’ve been really fortunate to have Brian as a San Anselmo Town Council Member. He’s been a great sounding board for our issues and concerns and every day he demonstrates how much he cares for the businesses in our community.”
  • Pat Townsley & Janet Abrahamson – Creekside Pizza & Taproom – “Brian Colbert is the visionary leader that San Anselmo needs right now. Brian is a strong advocate for small businesses and restaurants, working to see how local merchants and our community can adapt and thrive during COVID-19 and beyond. A San Anselmo resident, parent and proven steward of our town, Brian will continue to advocate for improved parks, local commerce and ensure the future of our quality of life we know as The Heart of Marin.
  • Ashley & Josh Peterson – Keintz Hall – “Brian is committed to seeking ways to facilitate and foster a strong economic business climate in Town, that allows businesses to both create their own unique visions and succeed in San Anselmo.”
  • Devon and Nathan Yanko – MH Bread and Butter – “Brian always makes an effort to personally see how he can help the town and the county empower San Anselmo’s small businesses. We truly appreciate his caring and willingness to  listen during COVID-19.”
  • Duilio Valenti – Valenti & Co.
  • Pat Kuhl – Marinitas

California Electeds

  • Jared Huffman – US Congressman – “It’s been great to see Brian’s leadership on the San Anselmo Town Council.  What I admire most about him is his untiring efforts to listen to the needs of everyone in the community and working to make sure those needs are met.”
  • Mike McGuire – State Senator
  • Marc Levine – State Assemblymember

Local Electeds

  • Katie Rice – Marin County Supervisor – “Brian has the ability to listen to the people of San Anselmo and understand their needs and viewpoints. He has actively worked on key issues like connecting intelligent flood mitigation measures to economic vitality downtown. The Reimagine Creek project is an excellent example of Brian at work for his community – and a successful multi-jurisdictional collaboration. I’m so proud to partner with Brian.”
  • Judy Arnold – Marin County Supervisor
  • Damon Connolly – Marin County Supervisor
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters – Marin County Supervisor Elect
  • Renee Goddard – Mayor, Fairfax
  • Bruce Ackerman – Vice-Mayor, Councilmember, Fairfax
  • Barbara Coler – Councilmember, Fairfax
  • Stephanie Hellman – Councilmember, Fairfax
  • John Reed – Councilmember, Fairfax
  • Kate Colin – Vice Mayor, San Rafael
  • Eli Beckman – Mayor, Corte Madera – “Brian is a dedicated public servant whose energy and ideas have already made San Anselmo an even better town. As a local elected myself, Brian is a trusted colleague and role model.”
  • David Kunhardt – Vice Mayor, Corte Madera
  • Charles Lee – Councilmember, Corte Madera
  • P. Beach Kuhl – Councilmember, Ross
  • Urban Carmel – Councilmember, Mill Valley

Ross Valley School District Trustees

  • Annelise Bauer
  • Ann Capron
  • Ryan O’Neil
  • Wesley Pratt
  • Mark Reagan
  • Marie Henrio (Trustee Elect)
  • Wade Stevenson (former)

Reimagine Creek Park Community Advisory Committee

  • Howard Altman
  • Rich Burns – “I’ve had the chance to work with Brian on various Town projects, both before he joined the Council and since. Brian is a breath of fresh air. He is a visionary who knows how to bring visions to reality. He brings his inordinate passion for our Town to everything he touches. He is a genuine people person and uses his personality to the betterment of San Anselmo and all of Marin County.”
  • Kerrie McHugh (and Chair of the San Anselmo Arts Commission)
  • John Nelson
  • Helen O’Shea
  • Katie Rice Jones
  • Jason Stoughton
  • Kelley Warner (and Member of the San Anselmo Economic Development Committee)

San Anselmo Economic Development Committee

  • Jessica Rising – Chair
  • Rich Burns
  • Kim Pipkin
  • Jamie Ginsberg
  • Kelley Warner
  • Magan Arthur – Former Chair and Member

San Anselmo Sustainability Commission

  • Forrest Pound, Chair of the San Anselmo Sustainability Commission – “I am happy to endorse Brian Colbert for Town Council. Brian’s perspectives on, and commitment to, developing the future of transportation are highly valuable for the town. I can always rely on Brian to demand a high degree of professionalism from the Sustainability Commission; a demand I believe reflects his shared desire for a greener, more sustainable San Anselmo.”
  • Kurt Johnson – Former Chair of the San Anselmo Sustainability Commission

San Anselmo Open Space Committee

  • Jonathan Braun
  • Stanley Radtke
  • Kathy Sanders

Financial Advisory Committee

  • Richard Berkson
  • Lori Lopin
  • Stanley Radtke

Library Advisory Board

  • Anya Bosina
  • Doug Holm

Capital Programs Monitoring Committee

  • Pascal Sisich – Chair
  • Deborah Knuckey
  • Richard Berkson – “I endorse Brian Colbert in his bid to serve another term on the San Anselmo Town Council. As a member of the Town’s Capital Program Committee and Financial Advisory Committee I have worked with Brian on a number of Town concerns, including economic development and fiscal issues, and I look forward to his ongoing leadership. Brian has demonstrated his continuing commitment to the well-being of the Town’s residents and businesses. He actively engages and seeks input from residents and merchants to assure his views properly represent the best interests of the Town. Brian works hard and goes above and beyond to thoroughly understand issues facing the Town and to provide constructive solutions.”

Mosquito Abatement District Board of Trustees

  • Ranjiv Khush – “Over the last three years, Brian has clearly demonstrated both his commitment to San Anselmo and his effective leadership by taking-on three of the big challenges facing our community: flood control, downtown business development, and sustainable transportation. Brian helped build consensus to finally launch a major flood control project, Reimagine Creek Park, which will also create a new downtown destination spot. He also serves as a Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) Commissioner, and he is the co-Chair of the Marin Council of Mayors and Council Members Ad-Hoc Economic Recovery Committee. In addition, he is a Board Member for Marin Transit and he sits on the Marin Economic Recovery Task Force. Brian works hard for all of us because he and his family are dedicated to our community’s sustainability and well-being. We all benefit from Brian’s service, and I hope you will join me in supporting his continued efforts for San Anselmo.”

Additional San Anselmo Commissioners, Former Commissioners & County Trustees

  • Matthew Brasler – Planning Commissioner
  • Kurt Johnson – Former Chair of the San Anselmo Sustainability Commission
  • Rod Kerr – Chair of San Anselmo Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Kerrie McHugh – Chair of the San Anselmo Arts Commission
  • Stan Radke – Chair of the Open Space Committee, Financial Advisory Committee
  • David Swaim – Planning Commissioner
  • Dick Stutsman – Former Member of the San Anselmo Flood Committee

San Anselmo Champions and Volunteers

  • Nancy Altman – Organizer of the San Anselmo Flower Basket Program
  • Bridget Clark
  • Nihal ElRayess – Former 2015-2019 YES Foundation Family Giving Chair, Co-Chair/Chair
  • Ian and Amy Flynn
  • Michelle Garcilazo
  • Lisa Graham
  • Elizabeth and Emil Heitner
  • Pollie Robbins – Head of Wade Thomas PTA
  • Sara Robinson – Chair of Age-Friendly San Anselmo

Additional Members of the Broader Community

  • Max Perrey – Vice Chair, Mill Valley Emergency Preparedness Commission

Partial List